Wild Bunny Doesn't Look Like Your Typical Wild Bunny

Wild Bunny Doesn't Look Like Your Typical Wild Bunny 1 Wild Bunny Doesn't Look Like Your Typical Wild Bunny 2

Wild Bunny Doesn't Look Like Your Typical Wild Bunny 3

Thanks, Ali! Ali writes:

My name is Ali and my boyfriend Nick and I saw this little guy outside our hotel in Canmore, Alberta... There is a story in Canmore a few years back someone released their house rabbits into the wild and they bred and now there are so many different ones just hopping around. This little guy is one of the many that we saw. We decided to nickname him Chewy!

I did a little research and the story Ali mentions appears to be true! Due to the ever-growing number of rabbit residents, the town began trapping them. A local organization, Earthanimal Humane Education and Rescue Society (EARS), has been taking them in and providing them sanctuary for life, sparing their lives. To find out how you can help, click the links above.

Edit: Just a note to point out that the Daily Bunny absolutely does not condone releasing domesticated rabbits into the wild; it never ends well for the released rabbits. Some of you have expressed concern about whether or not this particular rabbit was a released domesticated rabbit or one of the many descendants of the rabbits released years ago, and it's an absolutely fair concern. The fact is, I can't be totally sure. Given the circumstances, which are similar (but not identical) to that of the also very friendly rabbits of Japanese island Ōkunoshima, chances are fair that this rabbit has not lived a domestic life - but again, we can't say so with 100% certainty. I apologize for concerning some of you, and to demonstrate my good intentions for all rabbits, I've made a charitable contribution to EARS, the organization that helps take care of these buns:

Contribution to EARS

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