Bunny Shares the Computer Chair with His Human

Bunny Shares the Computer Chair with His Human Thanks, Barb and bunny Marshall! Barb writes:

This is my late bunny Marshall. He was the oddest bunny and I miss him dearly. At first he and I didn't get along, he wanted to have full range of the house and I only wanted him in a fenced in area but he wasn't having any of it. He would break out of his area constantly and finally I gave up and broke down the area. After that we started to bond. He loved my computer chair and I would constantly find him in it. If I was sitting in it already he would jump up and lay behind me. This is one of the many photos where I captured him sitting with me. I miss him sitting behind me, I miss him tugging on my hair... but most of all I miss his unique personality that made him a wonderful companion.

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