Bunny Stands Up to Survey His Garden

Bunny Stands Up to Survey His Garden Thanks, Steve, Heather, and bunny Nick! Steve writes:

Here is a picture from 1997 of our Nick playing around in the pumpkin vines and corn. When we took Nick outside for a run, he would take off and make a bee-line thru the yard and into the garden. Nick would romp all thru the plants and vines all evening if we let him. He especially liked to run and play in the corn stalks and pumpkin vines. During one of his evening romps, we decided it was time to go and as I called his name, Nick sat up and I snapped his pic in the pumpkin vines. This is one of our favorite pictures of Nick. When we walked away from the garden, Nick would always chase us down thru the yard. He was such a playful, mischievous, and a fun Dutch Rabbit.

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