Bunny Enjoys a Tasty Green on a Picnic with Human

Bunny Enjoys a Tasty Green on a Picnic with Human Thanks, Michelle and bunny Oscar! Michelle writes:

This is Oscar. 3 months ago he was very sick. His back legs weakened and he kept falling over, we assumed at 6 years old it was old age and prepared to have him put to sleep. Then we noticed his eyes rolling one evening, I knew then it was possibly Head Tilt (E Cuniculi). He was given Panacur for 28 days and so far it looks like he's recovered. PLEASE BUNNY OWNERS, make sure your bunny is kept up to date with their worming treatment. This is such a horrid illness that affects the brain and spinal cord. Find out about Head Tilt http://www.disabledrabbits.com/head-tilt.html and watch out for the signs. Oscar had no sign of actual head tilting, so symptoms were not identified at first. He's back to his old self now and fingers crossed will not suffer a relapse.

Read more about head tilt here. Bunny owners should discuss with their veterinarians how to prevent and treat head tilt.

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