Bunny Stands at the Entrance to Her Box Fort

Bunny Stands at the Entrance to Her Box Fort Thanks, Rachel and bunny Leelah! Rachel writes:

This is Leelah, named after the futuristic cyclops in the cartoon tv show Futurama. Something terrible happened to her with a previous owner, and she has limited vision in one eye. She's showing you her "normal" side here.

When we got her from a local shelter, the vet told us to expect that she would eventually lose vision in her right eye. She was initially very aggressive (growling, slapping, biting, and otherwise indicating that we were not needed in her life), and we assumed that this was from the previous neglect and abuse and that this might be how she felt about humans for the rest of her life. After 6 months, she now accepts and gives kisses, and is incredibly friendly and sweet.

I wouldn't have wished her pain on her, but I am thankful every day that she chose me and my boyfriend, and I know that we have earned her love and trust.

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