Bunnies Very Contentedly Share Some Snuggle Time

Bunnies Very Contentedly Share Some Snuggle Time Thanks, Ville, Sanna and bunnies Nekku and Nelli! Ville writes:

Our bunnies Nekku and Nelli were saved from animal hoarder at the beginning of the last year. The local society of animal protection saved over 20 bunnies city apartment which caused a problem for them as they had very limited resources (as it is based on voluntary work). Fortunately this event got media coverage and almost every bunny has found their new permanent homes.

Nekku and Nelli are now a bit over one year old, they are sisters and have lived their whole short life together. They don't remember the poor conditions in which they were born and luckily didn't have to live in for a long time. They have lived with us about nine months and are the happiest "free range" bunnies there can be. They can roam freely in our apartment 24/7 and nowadays they seem to be waiting behind the bedroom door in the mornings for us to wake up and give them breakfast carrot. They are most active around 7am and 10pm and are usually napping in the afternoon. Usually napping happens side by side.

Nekku is the one with white belly and Nelli is the one with fluffier cheeks. They are a mix of lionhead and dwarf hermel.

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