Bunny Explores the Grassy Park

Bunny Explores the Grassy Park 1Bunny Explores the Grassy Park 2 Thanks, Greg, Bo and bunny Morning! Greg writes:

Our precious little son, Morning, crossed over the bunny rainbow this weekend after 9 wonderful years with his mom and 4 wonderful years with his dad.  As you can see, he was very beautiful, with long lashes, pink satellite ears and loving lips, and a puffy white tail.  However, the most beautiful thing about him was his personality. He was friendly to everyone and showed us unconditional love.  He was a happy bunny who loved to run around and explore, learn new tricks, snooze in the sunny part of the room, and run up and down his condo that his parents built for him.  He taught us how to love unconditionally, even giving us kisses when he wasn't feeling good, and brought endless joy to our lives.  He was the best part of our lives and he occupies the biggest part of our hearts. He was also extremely brave and was a champ at vet visits.  All the vets loved him as he was friendly to them, even in that stressful environment.  We knew he wanted to go home and get better when we brought him into the ER for the last time, as he valiantly fought for his last breath. We miss him dearly and hope that he is happy grazing on fresh timothy grass with his bunny family and friends.  We will love him forever.

Welcome to My Humble Abode, Human!

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