Bunny Brothers Share Kisses After Reuniting

Bunny Brothers Share Kisses After Reuniting 1 Bunny Brothers Share Kisses After Reuniting 2

Thanks, Amber and bunnies Thor and Ted! Amber writes:

This is my bunny being reunited with his brother after two years! They seemed to remember each other and straight away gave each other kisses!!

Thor and his brother Ted were separated at around 5 weeks old because their mum started attacking them as she had given birth to a second litter of kittens. 

Thor came to me and Ted went to a friend of mine. I moved away from the area and recently went back to visit my mum and dad and had to take Thor with me. We thought it would be cute to see how they reacted to each other after a year. Both myself and Ted's owner were quite nervous at first, worried that they might try and attack each other. However, Thor ran out of his carry cage straight towards Ted and they started giving each other lots of little kisses! So cute!

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