Bunny Nods Her Head "Yes" When Offered a Treat

Thanks, Dustin and bunny Uffa! Dustin writes:

Uffa was closest to the kitchen (the bunny fridge was part of her area) so she quickly learned that thats where the food was and that's where all the preparation is done for food for all the bunnies.  The main difference is, the other bunnies automatically see food already prepared when they get fed but Uffa sees the entire process.  She has to wait patiently for treats and food to get prepared, and often, gets a little extra while the preparation is being made because I don't like to tease her with the sight of food and have her suffer in anticipation.

Since the other bunnies already get their food prepared by the time I go to their areas, they don't need to wait long from sight to consumption so they don't need to try and grab my attention but Uffa, having some wait time, felt the need to communicate a way to get her attention. That, to me, explains the motivation part.

As for the nodding, I think that inadvertently came from me.  I have a strong habit of talking to my bunnies, and when I do, I am always nodding my head when I say things "Are you a good bunny?" or "Are you happy, Uffa?" and any question I ask her is usually accompanied with an affirmation of me nodding my head. So even at times where I am filling the fridge, I will speak with her, nodding my head, as I put food away, (and again, I know she is watching so I will give some to her) and I think she drew the association between getting food and nodding and she started nodding.

I don't know how or when this started exactly.  I just remember it was near the beginning of November, I noticed her do it for the first time. I laughed when she did it, and I asked her "Did you just nod?" and she nodded in response. I was astounded, I grabbed my phone and recorded her doing it. Then I recorded some more over a short time. I shared it online and it got a few hundred views but it wasn't until she passed away on December 20th, that I decided to share it with reddit.com, in hopes of getting a few messages of condolences. Reddit became overwhelmingly supportive and the video took off to where it is now.

The Huffington Post promoted it. It was on the cover of the website for People magazine. It has done well and it makes me feel good knowing she is bringing so many smiles to people.

Still, I would trade everything that video has done for more time with her. I miss her dearly.   I wish I could show her off to the world, live. She was beautiful, she was a princess, she was very happy and so very well loved.

I miss her and I love her :)


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