Wild Bunny Post

Today we're posting a few photos of wild bunnies Daily Bunny readers have sent in! Happy Bunday!  

Wild Bunny Post 1

This first image comes from Phil, who tells us the following:

This Bad Bunny has placed her baby bunnies in our garden, right inside our grow bed. In this pix she is lining her nest with grass and hay for her soon to be born babies. We tried in vain to find where she was getting into the garden. But no luck. So she will have her babies here and they will be safe and well fed. We can't wait to see the baby bunnies. BTW we have named our Bad Bun… Barley.


Wild Bunny Post 2

Rosalyn said this wild bunny above lives on or around an oilfield she works at.


Wild Bunny Post 3

Submitter Kathy says of the above photo:

This is a photo of a wild rabbit in Djibouti, East Africa, taken by Kevin Zimmerman of the USAF on deployment there.


Wild Bunny Post 4

The final photo comes from Karl, who tells us he has "many wild bunnies in our neighborhood. They are most happy to share food and shelter homeowners provide."

Round Bunny Rump, Part 2

No Bananas? No Entry.