Salesbunnies Model the Furniture

Salesbunnies Model the Furniture 1

Salesbunnies Model the Furniture 2

Thanks, Bri and bunnies Nala (modeling the sofa) and Benny (showing off the rug)!

Wild Bunny Finds Human’s Shoes Very Interesting

Wild Bunny Finds Human's Shoes Very Interesting

Thanks, Hannah! Hannah writes, “A wild bunny from Dubrovnik, Croatia who took an interest in my husband’s shoes!”

Bunny Finds Some Familiar Faces

Bunny Finds Some Familiar Faces

Thanks, April and bunny Moose! April writes:

He was a huge and very friendly Flemish Giant. On the day he moved in it didn’t take him long to find some of my rabbit figures, and he plopped down between them without being told to. It was totally adorable. <3 He’s been gone for a few years, but he and I were the bestest pals. He’d follow me from room to room, no matter where I’d go. He’d never sit close enough for me to actually touch him, but was always sure to be close enough to me to make sure I wasn’t holding a treat and looking for a rabbit to give it to.

Bonus photo of clever Moose on the air vent:

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Bunnies Team Up on a Snack Box

Bunnies Team Up on a Snack Box

Thanks, Frank and bunnies Sonny and Bink! Frank writes, “We bought a carton-snack-house (no idea what it’s called), and Sonny and Bink are working on it for weeks already…. And they have a very funny way of coöperating…  The boxes are great, carton boxes completely covert with hay and carrot pieces. Keeps them busy for weeks.”

Edit: Frank lives in the Netherlands, and says these boxes, made by a German company, are available there. As for the rest of us? There seems to be a market for these, so maybe someone in Europe will seize the opportunity!

Video: Bunnies Groom Each Other in the Sunlight

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Craig and bunnies Cyrus and Baby Dumpling!

Bunny, You Look So Dignified!

Bunny, You Look So Dignified!

Thanks, Vanya and bunny Picollina!

Wild Bunny Knows How to Relax

Wild Bunny Knows How to Relax 1

Wild Bunny Knows How to Relax 2

Wild Bunny Knows How to Relax 3

Thanks, John! John says that this is “a wild cottontail bunny that hangs around my yard and likes to rest in the shade under the pine tree next to my trailer, or even sometimes under my truck on hot days . I call her Bunny-Buns, and see her all over our yard at different times of the day. She’s quite used to me coming close and taking her picture or just walking by and rarely does more than just keep an eye on me when I’m around.”

Bunny Remodels His Box Just the Way He Wants It

Bunny Remodels His Box Just the Way He Wants It

Thanks, Cin and bunny Finn! Cin writes, “He has been on a reign of terror over Mister Box.  Here he is inside Mister Box, inspecting his ‘wallpaper.'”