How’s the Weather Out There, Human?

How's the Weather Out There, Human?

Thanks, Olga and bunnies Luna and Loony!

Bunnies Chase the Dog Around the Yard

Bunnies Chase the Dog Around the Yard

Thanks, Jackie, pup Ladybug, and bunnies Branson and Brody! Jackie writes, “Branson, light gray, and Brody, dark gray, are giant flemish and almost 5 months old. They are sweet and too funny. They love to chase my rat terrier, Ladybug, around.”

Who Approaches My Castle?

Who Approaches My Castle?

Thanks, Jenn and bunny Bluebell!

A Relaxed Bunny Tail

A Relaxed Bunny Tail

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Anneloes and bunny Konijn!

Bunny’s Fur Is Turning Silver!

Bunny's Fur Is Turning Silver

Thanks, Louisa, Jonny, and bunny Rory! Louisa writes:

His fur has been changing since the day we brought him home and we were told he was a Netherlands Dwarf but turns out he is a Silver rabbit and they’re a rarer breed. He wouldn’t win any shows but he’s pretty cool as he is. He LOVES having his head stroked, it makes him melt!

He is a very active and inquisitive bunny and has started to help us heal after losing our gorgeous Stewie (who you featured before) earlier on this year. [Ed. note: Here, here, and here.]

Bunny Cannot Pretend She Hasn’t Been Digging in the Yard

Bunny Cannot Pretend She Hasn't Been Digging in the Yard

Thanks, Adinda and bunny Enci! Adinda writes that “Enci is having her first birthday this August!”