House Bunny and Wild Bunny Meet

Thanks, Emily and bunny Nanook! Emily writes:

My rabbit, contrary to most others, loves other bunnies. Whenever he sees them out in the yard he runs around and does binkies.  Obviously just out of the nest, this one decided to come say hello.  Nanook was thrilled, especially since the grown bunnies almost always ignore him.

Bunny Gives Himself a Thorough Ear Wash

Thanks, Becca and bunny Lord Chancellor Casserole!

Bunnies Quietly, Peacefully Lie Together

Bunnies Quietly, Peacefully Lie Together

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Sarah and bunnies Hoppy and Daisy! Sarah writes, “Hoppy and Daisy [are] having a snuggle together, freshly bonded and completely in love with each other.”