Are You Following Me, Human?

Are You Following Me, Human?

Thanks, Chloe and bunny Mr. Boo! Chloe writes:

Here is a photo of my 11 year-old dwarf mix, Mr. Boo. I got a new lens for my camera recently, and he was patiently posing for me all afternoon. He’s gone almost completely blind (hence the cataracts) and developed arthritis in the last year, but still loves running around the house like he’s half his age.

Fuzzy Bunny Rump!

Fuzzy Bunny Rump!

Thanks, James and bunny Liam!

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The Daily Bunny is pleased to announce our partnership with Cottontail Studios! You might remember Daily Bunny submitters Craig and Larissa’s Adopt Don’t Shop campaign that raised $3,000 last year and their You’re Nobody Until Somebunny Loves You tee from this spring; both projects benefited Los Angeles’s BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center, the shelter from which they adopted their own two buns.

After the support Craig and Larissa’s projects received, they’ve launched Cottontail Studios to provide more great tees for bunny lovers!  When you place an order, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a rotating list of rabbit rescues and shelters across the U.S.  and when you use code DAILYBUN at checkout, you’ll also support the Daily Bunny!

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Bunny Sits on His Human

Bunny Sits on His Human

Thanks, Hannah and bunny Titus! Hannah writes:

This is my bunny Titus (Titus the Great), he’s a 28 week old miniature lop and he is healing my Mum, Dad’s and my heart since the loss of our beloved Lion Head lop Tamora’s death last year. He is such a little character and full of mischief. We had him neutered recently which has calmed him down a little. He is completely obsessed with my Dad, following him around the house like a love sick little buns, but his new thing is climbing onto my back when I’m lying down on the floor with him which he loves…

Bunny Has Caught a Whiff of the Banana His Human’s Enjoying

Bunny Has Caught a Whiff of the Banana His Human's Enjoying

Thanks, Ana and bunny Chop! Ana writes that, here, Chop “smells the banana I’m trying to peacefully eat.”

What’re You Doing, Human?

What're You Doing, Human?

Thanks to Pía and bunny Ottilia, who writes, “My name is Ottilia and I love when Carmelo the polar bear is not around because I can do my yoga without him staring at me.”

Bunny Enjoys Hand Cuddles with His Human

Bunny Enjoys Hand Cuddles with His Human 1

Bunny Enjoys Hand Cuddles with His Human 2

Thanks, Sandra and bunny Loxley! Sandra writes, “While Loxley hates being picked up, he likes to “half-sit” in my hand, giving me lots of bunny kisses, or even falling asleep in this position sometimes.”