On His Birthday All Bow to King Bunny

On His Birthday, All Bow to King Bunny

Thanks, Alexis and bunny Billy! Alexis tells us this photo was taken on Billy’s second birthday.

Bunny Knows There’s a Banana Peel in Here Somewhere

Bunny Knows There's a Banana Peel in Here Somewhere

Thanks, Ryan and bunny Shortstack! Ryan writes, “My bun Shortstack is unclear on what trash cans are for, all he cared¬†about was the banana peel in there.”

Bunny Thinks Flowers Are Nice, But They’re Better When They’re Edible

Bunny Thinks Flowers Are Nice, But They're Better When They're Edible

Thanks, Amanda and bunny Rupert!

[Ed. note: Daffodils are toxic to bunnies, but Rupert was not harmed in the taking of this photo. Just a springtime note to research the safety of flowers your buns may have nibbling access to.]

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